how to upshell on wordpress

hello friend, this time I will give a tutorial on how to upload a shell in wordpress, okay, just go ahead

First, you must have a target wordpress. Like the picture below

Okay, after that you click line 3 in the upper left corner, then click on plugins then click add new on the plugins. Don't understand? Look at the picture below

After that you write the keyword "File manager". As shown below

Then install and activate the file manager, because I have already installed and activated it, so go straight to the next step. Okay after you install you open the Wp File manager. How do you do it? See picture below.

Okay after opening its Wp File manager. You just live up shell. Still confused about how? Look at the picture below

After that you select your backdoor shell and wait a few moments. If it has been uploaded, how do you access it? It's easy to do this >>

happing deface bitch!:v

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