What is Deface? How to prevent?


Deface or defacing is an activity carried out to change the appearance of a website by inserting files on the web server's website. This technique can be done because of a security gap that exists on a website. People who do Deface are called Defacer, Defacer can change the target website according to their wishes. One of the most well-known techniques in the Deface process is DDoS or Denial of Service (fake sending requests to the website server so that the server will be slow and down). How can you prevent a Deface from occurring on your site? Below are some ways you can take steps to prevent Deface from occurring, including: 

1. Routinely upgrade / update software sites (OS, CMS, Themes, Plugins, etc.) 

2. Double check the website configuration that is vulnerable to infiltrated by file defacers. Update information about the latest Dork (you can search on Google) 

3. Re-analyze the services that you feel are not really necessary, just turn them off if you don't think so important 

4. Perform routine data backup scheduling (all website data), if one day, for example, you are affected by a deface, just Restore the data. 

5. Use Firewall and IDS on your website server to ward off DDoS attacks 

6. Perform routine vulnerability scanning and conduct regular private security tests. That's the information about defacing & how to prevent it. May be useful.

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