how to get a free overseas number for whatsapp


Sharing Knowledge this time will discuss a tutorial on how to easily make fake numbers overseas. Have you ever been on the telephone with a foreign number and on WhatsApp you must have seen people use a foreign number +1 even though they live in Indonesia. This time I will provide an easy way to submit.

We can make fake numbers from various countries with one application, namely 2ndline. Actually there are many applications that we can use to make fake numbers like talkatone or Text plus I save more money, because they are easy to use.


The advantages of 2ndline application:

The number of number stokes that we can use is suitable for those of you who like to change numbers.

Easy to use to contact our relatives abroad with minimum devices.

It can be for boyfriend fun or just for style.

Able to register on WhatsApp.

Cons of 2nd line applications:

Requires a very large storage media.

We have to use it often to avoid getting blocked.

Lots of annoying popup ads.

How to Make a Fake Number Overseas (+1)

Check your data connection if you have an internet package.

Open your Playstore or App Store and look for the 2ndline app.

Select install and accept wait until the installation process is complete.

Open the application and enter your email and password to create an account.

Enter which country code you want to select and click continue.

Choose the number according to your taste and it's always easy to memorize.

Then select continue and congratulations your fake number has been made.

Make it easy to make fake numbers overseas. If you have any questions, please submit them in the comments column or you can contact me at contact us. So many of my tutorials regarding Easy Ways to Make a Fake Overseas Number (+1) How to Make a Fake Overseas Number (+1) HOW TO MAKE THE LATEST FREE OVERSEAS Mobile NUMBER How to Get a Free Overseas Cellphone Number

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