Definition and Types of Malware Ransomware


Types of MALware Ransomware In general there are two types of ransomware, 

namely as follows: 

Locker Ransomware (Non-Encrypted)

 Locker Ransomware infects victims by blocking access (lock-screen) to resources on their computer. After being screened, the perpetrator will give a ransom amount to the victim, so that the victim's access rights can be given back. 

Crypto Ransomware (Encryption) 

Crypto Ransomware is the type most widely used by cybercriminals. Crypto Ransomware will encrypt important files on the computer, then the perpetrator will ask for a ransom to get the description key.

Apart from the two types of ransomware above, there are still many types of ransomware that are found on the internet. Lockscreen ransomware is another type of malware that infects a victim's computer.

The ransomware lockscreen will lock the victim's computer so that it cannot carry out any activities on the computer. Until the victim pays the ransom that the perpetrator wants.

Not infrequently the perpetrator will play the psychological side of the victim. For example, displaying a notification on the screen, pretending to be an authorized person doing a task. And the victim is considered the guilty party. Because they feel afraid and depressed at the threat, the victim will follow the orders according to what the perpetrator wants.

Of course this is a special concern for all of us. That we must wisely surf the internet. Don't be fooled by malware like this.

That's all the discussion about the understanding and types of ransomware malware, hopefully it's useful!

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