Deface With Upload Button is very easy


hi bro im share a tutorial on how to deface with the upload button method. This tutorial is very useful for those of you who are newbies or are just learning to deface. Just go ahead and check the tutorial, beforehand prepare the material below 


 First: you dork first dork below to 


The results of the dorking will be like the image above, after you dork on Google, select one of the websites that can be uploaded. Html 

Second: Enter or just click there will be an uploader like the image below 

Then if it appears as shown above, you click the "Upload" icon then find your deface script and 

Open Third: Later our upload results will be next to the "Upload" icon and that is the link or place where our deface script is located (see picture)

 Fourth: How to access or see the results of our deface is with the copy link in the box to the left of the "Upload" icon then pasted at the top and next to the website URL link Example: or the URL that we can next to the "Upload" icon[path]/Link or the URL that we can next to the "Upload" icon If it has been pasted beside the site, the results will be as follows: Okay, that's all my deface tutorial, I hope this deface tutorial for beginners can help inspire you to go to a more advanced deface stage. See you in the next deface tutorial, see you later

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