bypass wordcamp 2020

 I will give a tutorial on how to deface the poc baypass wordcamp in wordpress, "can you, bro, up to the shell?" Of course you can, gasken bye

First we prepare dork first, for dork you can develop it yourself / if men can copy and paste dork below:

- Website ("author / wordcamp"):.

- Site ("not categorized / wordcamp"):.

- "bywordcamp" site:.

We dorked the dork above on Google, buddy, Jan will appear on YouTube the video will appear, if dorking on YouTube: v

After dorking, just add /wp-login.php in your target. Like this:

After that, enter the wordcamp username and password so you can enter the dashboard. The user pass is:

User: wordcamp

Pass: z43218765z

If vuln, it will go to the wordcamp dashboard, then up shell

that's all from me: v


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