5 Hackers From Indonesia Who Steal The Attention Of Other Countries


There are so many hacking cases that occur in the cyber world. But not all hacking cases are always negative, there are also hackers who use their abilities for good things.

In Indonesia, this kind of thing is of course familiar, and there are even some hackers from Indonesia who have stolen the attention of other countries because of their ability to hack.

Who are they? Reporting from various sources, Monday (6/4/2020), here are five hackers from Indonesia who stole the attention of other countries.


The name Bio666x is one of the names of hackers who had stolen attention, because this young hacker has hacked secret data that is so important belonging to Singapore. In addition, when he was 19 years old, he was able to knock out networks in Malaysia.

Then, the hacker whose identity is known as Yogi Nugraha has contributed to the resistance against cyber crime that occurred between Indonesia and Australia. He and his team have defaced many official websites and blogs in Australia.

Jim Geovedi

 Regarding the ability, of course, there is no doubt that it is capable of hacking satellite orbits in space, and then returning it to normal as before, it could even control all internet networks in Indonesia.

Mr. Dick

This hacker from Indonesia has extraordinary abilities in his field. Hackers known by their strange names can hack thousands of servers in an instant.

His ability then brought him to Microsoft


Hmei7 is one of the hackers from Indonesia who stole the attention of various parties from various countries in the world

What was horrendous was when the blogging site (WordPress) was successful in breaking up

he is known as Mass Defacer for his ability to defend and take down thousands of websites from various countries


The identity of this Indonesian hacker is still unknown, because this hacker was wanted by the FBI after he stole secret data belonging to the CIA and NYPD.

not only that, with his ability, he is able to do defacing against hundreds of thousands of world sites from various countries in the world. Even the Israeli Presidency's there server did not escape this act.

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